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Once again I am sorry for not being as active as normal. My house had flooded in February, causing massive damage to my house. Also, my house has been suffering with no internet! I know terrible isn't it? Yes, my internet has been broken for a very long time and I have just recently--today--got it fixed. My house sense the flood had to go under a lot of construction, causing me to be away from fixing the internet problem for so long.  

My house :house: is actually doing very well now, as in the flood damage is completely fixed, we have remodeled our bathroom, kitchen, etc. Also we have painted the inside and outside of our house. Also on top of all of this house business I have had to deal with the homework of high level honors classes :pencil:causing me to have no time for anything else. Luckily I have been getting great grades,have fixed our house and also our internet!

Lastly I have to say I really miss having guinea pigs! Now that mine have all passed away or I have given them to a better home I have come to miss them and wish I had the time for another guinea pig. Sadly I can't get another guinea pig, for several reasons, but I do love to look at old pictures of them, sense I do miss them very much. Also this group helps me because I love seeing all of your lovely photos, drawings, etc. But most of all I love seeing how much you care for and how much you guys love you Guinea Pigs!

Thank you all for being such wonderful members/admins!!

--If you celebrate Christmas I wish you a Merry Christmas!--

Miss all my lovely Guinea pigs :rose:
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About the Group

:star:About the Group:star:
In this group our main focus is Guinea Pigs, nothing else. So please enter any Guinea Pig pictures you can of your Guinea Pigs. This Group is for Guinea Pig owners, people who love Guinea Pigs, or past Guinea Pig owners. You can post any pictures of your, or some else's, Guinea Pigs. Remember we have many contests and if you are a member I would love for you to join them. Also, you can submit pictures of Guinea Pigs, drawings, crafts, and more! Just things with Guinea Pigs. Remember to join if you are interested in Guinea Pigs because it is a big help! Also if you would ike to donate toward the group just go to my page ( the founders ) and the points will be saved for group needs. Thank you.
:star: Rules :star:
These are the rules to the group...

:star: For Admins :star:
:bulletred: You must vote for contests
:bulletred: You have to check on the group and admin area to see whats going on
:bulletred: You must tell me when you leave for a 5 days or more so I know you are not ignoring the group or you will be kicked out of your admin spot and become a member.
:bulletred: You must be involved with the group
:bulletred: You MUST help advertise for the group and for contests and even set an example
:bulletred: Have fun being an admin :)

:star: For Members :star:
:bulletgreen: You have to try to put an entry in for the contests
:bulletgreen: You have to put something listed below in the folders
:bulletgreen: You can not put the things listed below in the folders
:bulletgreen: You can not be an admin unless you win a contest
:bulletgreen: Have fun being a Member :)
:star: What you can put in the Folders :star:
:bulletblue: A Guinea pig picture
:bulletblue: You ( the owner ) and your Guinea Pig
:bulletblue: Guinea Pig crafts
:bulletblue: Guinea pig drawings
:bulletblue: Anything with a Guinea pig in it
:bulletblue: A journal or story of a Guinea pigs

:star: What you can not put in the folders :star:
:bulletyellow: A picture of another animal
:bulletyellow: A drawing of another animal
:bulletyellow: A picture that has an object not a Guinea Pig
:bulletyellow: A drawing with an object that is not a Guinea Pig
:bulletyellow: Something that has nothing to do with a Guinea Pig group
:bulletyellow: Inappropriate photos/drawings/journals etc..
:bulletyellow: Sad or depressing photos (send me a message if your not sure if its okay or not)
:star: Helpful Things :star:

If you are an admin or a member and you would like to make a :points: donation go to the founders page and donate there. The points you donate will go toward contests and saving up for the group to be a super group. Thank you :)
:star: Questions :star:

If you have a question you can send the group a note or leave a comment, but it is easier if you send a note.

:star: Thank you :star:


:groups: Being an admin is an important job. You must check on the group and advertise for the group. You have to agree to follow the rules of being an admin or tell me it would be easier for you to remain as a member. If you are not interested in checking deviant art all the time for the group, that is fine. Just tell me and I will let you be a member. When you become an admin you MUST follow the rules. It is a fun job to do as long as you follow the rules required to be an admin. I am happy at the admins I have right now, and I hope I can remain happy with them. I also watch all my admins ;) They are a great bunch and I am happy to call them my admins :) :groups:

:star: Rules For Admins :star:
:bulletred: You must vote for contests
:bulletred: You have to check on the group and admin area to see whats going on
:bulletred: You must tell me when you leave for a 14 days or more so I know you are not ignoring the group or you will be kicked out of your admin spot and become a member.
:bulletred: You must be involved with the group
:bulletred: You MUST help advertise for the group and for contests and even set an example
:bulletred: Have fun being an admin :)









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spacegasm Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2015
Hey guys I was wondering if you guys could help me out by advertising?
My guinea pig needs to go to the vet and I need about 200$ so I am selling characters
I am literally crying I need helpI still am in need of money for my guinea pigs vet visit
She needs to go She has started coughing and wheezing.
I am so scared 
I have 3 cinnadogs UFS

and I still have several characters UFS

Please advertise if you can 

So if you guys could advertise I would love that ?
LizEsPencil Featured By Owner May 6, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
My guinea pig is really sick... I could use any and all help possible. Thank you :(…
GoodOldBaz Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I have a question about my guinea pig and I thought maybe you'd be able to answer it. Recently he's started to drink way more water than he did before - he drinks his entire water bottle from about 8 am to 9 pm and I have to refill it for the night. Is that okay or is there something wrong with him?
butterbagel Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
He could just be thirsty. But if you are concerned I would take him/her to the vet because there are medical problems that can make an animal very thirsty. You could look on the internet but idk if I would completely recommend that because I know when I look on the internet everything sounds a lot worse and it can scare you so I would think your best option is to go to the vet

~ Excessive drinking could be a sign of diabetes, which guinea pigs can get. A guinea pig who has diabetes will also urinate much more than usual because of the high water intake. As a result, you might find yourself having to change the bedding more frequently than usual. Other signs of diabetes include weight loss and increased appetite. 

~If your guinea pig's cage is in a hot spot, he might be drinking more than usual because of the temperature. Just like you drink more in summer, your guinea will drink more if the heat factor has suddenly started to creep up. Try moving the cage away from the heat and make sure there's no direct sunlight shining over the cage at any time. This could quickly overheat a guinea pig.

~Guinea pigs can experience kidney failure, which happens when the kidneys stop working and can no longer excrete the toxic waste products the body produces. In guinea pigs -- just like in humans -- a common sign of kidney failure is excessive drinking, accompanied by increased urination, weight loss, lethargy and vomiting.

If the 1st and 3rd one sound like your guinea pig I would strongly recommend taking him to the vet. I am sorry for such a late reply, my internet in my house has been broken for a very long time and was just fixed today. I hope your guinea pig is okay and wish you a happy Thanksgiving :)
GoodOldBaz Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks so much! We took him to the vet but they said he's fine. He lost a teeny tiny bit of weight, but they said it could have been just the way he was sitting on the scale.
butterbagel Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2014
Glad to hear! :)
jawsjawslove Featured By Owner Oct 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Omg I am getting kisses from my guinea pigs
butterbagel Featured By Owner Nov 26, 2014
Candyfloss-Unicorn Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Thanks for Accepting me to your group :) (Smile) Heart 
butterbagel Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2014
You are welcome :)
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